I have never felt so un-kissed before

My wish perished,

feeling unsure

Should I even be wanting this?

What do I want?

All I want is a kiss.


Why is this so important now?


So close our skin

A space between, a wall of light years within


Your hand on my knee

This is one, this is me

I breathe in your scent as you sit close by

One inch is all it takes, but you say: are we done and I call back the troops


They hang their heads and recline

Fall back! Fall back!

So I polish my armour, and prepare the guns

I wait for the right momentum

Armed and ready soldiers in their tents throwing tantrums


I tell them: sit back, enjoy the sun

Because soon the un-kissing will be un-done.




Lost pink sunrays


Lost pink sunrays


The days take so long and the nights last forever

When I’m thinking of him


His energy lightens me up

Reminds me of lost pink sunrays

Screeching macaws

Rustling almond trees

Café con leche



A smile so bright and warm it lifts me up higher than any herb can take me

He touches me

Never with his hands, but with his words

Calms and soothes me with his singing

Reminding the world of our true being,

Which is mystical




but ephemeral.


His absence causes me symptoms of withdraw

His spirit leaves me in awe


This shy soldier has me at war

with impatience, with pride, with expectations, with how a man should be loud and aggressive and a woman passive and small.



The most beautiful man I ever saw

So pure, so kind, so free and vital


With him


Life returns to me and Love is recalled

Gravity no longer a law to abide to

My longing turns raw

I need to be in his arms.


Imagined sunsets


Imagined sunsets


Sitting quietly by my side

You made me remember what it’s like

Reminiscing on Unity and coastline

Imagining sunsets and paradise


I could feel my soul replenish

And the loneliness start to vanish

The moment lasted only a sec

But it’s a memory I’ll never forget


More than mind, the body recalls

And when it does there’s no going back

Thank you for sharing this break in the clouds

Keep moving forward, I’m back on track.


Bob and Rita

My dear King, Soldiers,

How many beers did you drink last night

And how come now you wanna a pick a fight

Judge away, I say

‘bout the colours that I wear

Judge away, I say

When you hear me swear

Judge away I say

If I’m not a house wife

Judge away I say,

Look at your own damn life

Misses Rita Marley left her kid behind

To meet up with Bob and to bump ‘n’ grind

Bob had a breakdown, was homeless and alone

The people were ready to cast the first stone

They don’t accept that we’re all hurt inside

Babylon’s not the best place to reside

If you’re a free man, it will come for you

Put you way up there or call you a fool

You want to tell the Marleys how they’re no good?

For having a beer or eating the wrong food?

You want to tell Rita how she’s supposed to stay home?

Take care of her man while he’s out on a roam?

I thought Rasta was about being free

Now you want to come here and judge me

But no, let me say it utmost polite:

Would you listen if my skin was(n’t) white?

Would you listen if I were a man?

If I were able to do what you can?

Can you respect me for how the Creator made me?

Or do you think that He made a mistake maybe?

Look, I’m not trying to be like you

If Jah wanted that, He would’ve made two

I’m over here trying to be me

And it would be nice if you let me be

Together we can make this a world of Unity

In which all beings can be themselves, free.

Let me end this by saying: One Love, people, please!

I love you my King, thank you Soldier

at ease….

Going in for the kill

His smile, flashing gold, has awakened a slow drumming in my stomach

A call from far away lands

Dark and hot, dry sands

Loose garments and seco winds

A lion watching the valley from a sun-heated rock

Eyeing his heard of choice

Relaxing in the knowing that he shall kill

Easily, clean and fast

Suddenly he strikes

The heard scatters

The prey looks up, a flash of fear in her eyes

She runs, but not fast enough

He grabs her by the throat, blood spilling onto the black earth

His violence is mercy for the weak

She fights but gives up gracefully

With calm eyes she relaxes in his deadly grip

She rests finally, soul at ease, while he pulls at her flesh

Her body bouncing

Her meat and bones given up for his hunger

Wouldn’t you want to lie under his claws?

Wouldn’t you offer your throat to his jaw?

Wouldn’t you want to die in awe?

For you are dying into him; your blood becomes his blood

Your life becomes his energy

He now moves because of you

Watch him climbing the hills

As the king that he is

Muscles rolling with slumbering power

He has you living in his veins now

Majestically so

The snake that awaits in the water

In the still, dark waters of my soul

For a thousand years

There has been a serpent sleeping;

Silent and repressed by fears

Infesting my unconscious mind, seeping

You stand on the shore, sizing up the temperature

Of the fluid

You say: “It’s warm alright, let’s do it.”

Throwing a stone, a ripple occurs

The snakes writhes its tail, the tension gets worse

Fearlessly you take off your clothes

You wet your hands; first one finger, then both

Circles from where your fingers touch the water

Circles you make

Circles go further

Dying out into the lake

“Be careful,” (I say) “You’ll arouse the snake.”

Taking no notice, you slide in

Wet and naked, skin glistening

Dark and black as the lake you swim on

Your strokes create waves as you go on and on

The snake is aware and coming out to meet you

She relaxes in your movement, but still willing to eat you

The water closes over your head

There is darkness now; only darkness and wet

Under the surface your strokes become quicker

Waves are moving, the snake becomes thicker

Circles, circles, getting wider

Expanding, flowing to the side and

Touching the banks, water filling

Water rising, water spilling

The snake, the water, you; convulsion

Everything drowning in white emulsion

Ripples decrease, you swim to the shore

The snake relaxes, but remains wanting more